Hank Garrett was born in Monticello, New York. His parents soon relocated to Harlem, New York.  At age 15 Hank started performing in the Catskill Mountains, and turned professional wrestler at age 17 (by lying about his age).  A small sample of his credits are:  Officer Nicholson on the TV sit-com “Car 54, Where Are You,”  Muscles Malone  in “Serpico” (starring Al Pacino), and as the award-winning assassin in “Three Days of the Condor” (starring Robert Redford), and voices on “GI Joe” and “Garfield & Friends.”

Hank has had a long, successful career as a performer, comedian, wrestler, and speaker. His incredible life story is detailed in his book.

Here are some of Hank’s other notable accomplishments:

  • First white comedian to perform at the world known Apollo Theatre in Harlem, NY.
  • Regular on English BBC TV Show starring David Frost – “That Was the Week That Was” (18 months)
  • Winner of New York Film Critics Award for “Three Days of the Condor” (played Killer Mailman)
  • Has appeared in countless movies / TV shows (as shown on IMDB and Wikipedia)
    Listed in “Wrestling Hall of Fame” – was professional wrestler for 9 years
    • Listed in “Karate Hall of Fame”
    • Competition Power Lifter and Body Builder
    • Did voices for following cartoons series:  GI Joe (Dialtone)  / Garfield (Fluffy + Fast Eddy)
    • Raises monies for disabled US veterans  (was Front-Line entertainment during Vietnam War).  Has raised $53,000 +  to date.
    • Speaks to youth at Juvenile Detention Centers around country  —   (note:  Rec’d many letters from kids – available upon request)
    • Recently began speaking at Adult Prisons – (Note: Rec’d letters — available upon request)
    • Teaches – acting coach for actors with Martial Arts background
    • FUTURE:  teaching at “Benny the Jet” Dojo
    • Opened as comedian for Tony Bennett for several years at Copa


      Hank Garrett with his manager, DM Smith

    DM Smith 
    Red Warrior Productions
    cell/text: 310-213-2869