Hank's Kids

Hank speaks to and works with young adults who are in juvenile detention, as well as with adults who are in prison, to help motivate and inspire them.

Kid's in trouble, probably because of my painful upbringing, really touched my heart. My son spent many years in prison (sadly because no one realized that his REAL problem was ADHD). And I thought that if I couldn’t save my son, perhaps I can help other troubled youth.  And that’s why I formed Hankster’s Kids.

 -Hank Garret

Hank Garrett speaking to young inmates at the IDA Juvenile Detention Center.


Hank with the sheriff at Canyon County prison, where he spoke to the inmates.


Hank with Steve Jett, Director of So.West Idaho Juvenile Detention Center


Letters from young inmates thanking Hank for inspiring them!